The idea for such contest DX expedition came because we are now in the period of minimum of Sun activity. Besides going on Pantelleria Isl DX expedition was my (LZ1UQ) dream since a long time.

Until now there were no suitable flights and no free time But with conditions on 80 and 160m approaching its best the time has come to fulfil my dream.

There has been a long time since QSOs have been made from Pantelleria Isl on 160m band and that’s why we think now is the right time to do such DX expedition focused on top band operation.

After going to Svalbard Isl. few years back, I (LZ1UQ) now think it’s time for a much warmer destination and who knows, may be for opening the swimming season in 2019.

We are sorry that we could not be able to use a special call, but the law is the law. That is why we will operate under calls IH9/Homecall.


Dimitar Raytchev LZ1UQ , Member of LZ9W M/M Contest Team


Previous DXPed:
YM3LZ - Turkey 2002,
VP8 – South Shetland Isl, Bulgarian Antarctic Base 2006/2007,
ZA – Vlora Albania 2011,
JW5 – Svalbard Isl 2012,
9A- Murter Isl (TNX to 9A3MR ) Croatia 2016 ,
SV8 – IOTA Contest Amouliani & Thasos Isl. Greece 2016/2018

Ivan Panev LZ1PM, Member of LZ9W M/M Contest Team


An outstanding Contest and DX CW operator and very good friend.
DXped to 9A – Murter Isl (TNX to 9A3MR ) Croatia 2016


We already got our flight tickets – Sofia – Rome – Palermo – Pantelleria Isl.

We fly on 24th January 2019 to Italy and we are going back home on 1st of February 2019.

All flights are with no extra luggage. We, however are lucky to have friends like Stan IZ2GRG (LZ5FF) and Ruggero IK2PZC. All we need for this contest expedition now is traveling to Milano and Stan and Ruggero will ship it to our host’s home at Panteleria Isl. We thank them both very very much !

Perhaps here is the place to thank our XYL's Mirena and Galia for their understanding and support.

During our small DXpedition we are planning to activate IH9 mainly on 160 and 80m bands. Of course we will do our best to be active on other bands, too including WARC. We have a great desire to try to activate IH9 on 60m band, but we’ll see if this will be possible at all.

Activity will be 99% on CW. Some SSB will be done, too. No DIGI modes or FT8.

We will take part in CQWW DX CW 160m and some operation in UBA Contest on SSB is possible, too.

We hope to be able to make our first QSOs from IH9 on 24th of January late at night.

Please respect DXCode of Conduct when calling.


ICOM 756proIII, IC706MK2G (TNX Ivan LZ1PJ)

PA – ACOM600S ( Many TNX to my neighbor LZ1JK)

Antennas – 2 x 15m Fiberglass Poles (TNX Stan and Ruggero), T Vertical antenna(16.5 m +2 x 8.5 m) for 160/80/40m

OCF Dipole (dx-wire.de) for other bands,

Three BOG (Beverage on the ground) RX antennas for NA,EU and AS

Limited amount of Bulgarian rakia (grapa) and unlimited amount of Italian red wine


OQRS, BUREAU AND DIRECT is recomended and logs will be uploaded in CLUBLOG after the End of DXPEDITION.

We have already paid all the expenses for this expedition, but small donations will be greatly appreciated to help us cover the transportation charges for equipment and antennas.

We want to assure you we will do our best to work even the weakest station calling us and we will confirm 100 % every correctly made QSO. Please use PayPal for your donations using e-mail account you will find on www.qrz.com


The best way to contact us is to use contact information on www.qrz.com

We hope to be able to use ON4KST Chat during our stay on IH9, too.

73, de Dimitar LZ1UQ